American Hartford Gold Review

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This American Hartford Gold review will explore the features and benefits of choosing this gold IRA company.

With an assortment of products to buy and hold gold, platinum coins, and silver, they are one of the more popular gold IRA companies to consider.

Paired with celebrity endorsements and glowing customer reviews, large and small investors can benefit significantly from their services.

American Hartford Gold Review

American Hartford Gold
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American Hartford Gold Group was established in 2015 to give beginner and experienced investors an equal opportunity to build their retirement savings.

As a family-owned company, they put their clients first, helping to empower first-time investors and assist established professionals with diversifying their portfolios.

They’re one of the top choices for opening a gold IRA with a great blend of investment education and unique services and products.

The company is based in Los Angeles, California, and most of its products revolve around gold, silver, and other top-ranking valuable metals.

As a customer, you will open a precious metal IRA, allowing you to invest in metal for your retirement savings.

You’ll also notice several great benefits, such as tax-free growth in your earnings.

Considering social security doesn’t provide enough income for retirees to live past their working years, gold IRAs from the American Hartford Gold Group are essential.

With their services, you can have precious metals delivered to you or roll over your IRA accounts and your 401(k).

Generally, their practices are highly recommended to protect your investments against inflation over the coming years.

Who Is This Gold IRA Company Meant For?

American Hartford Gold is unique from other gold IRA companies because its business practices are designed for everyone.

Other institutions tend to market exclusively to those 65+ in their ripe retirement age.

However, this company understands that investing can start with significantly younger generations.

As such, American Hartford Gold is an excellent option for young and senior investors alike.

With highly competitive fee structures (as we explore below), you won’t require a massive deposit to open an account.

Also, their straightforward signup process is easy for anyone to do, whether you’re rolling over your investments or starting to save for the first time.

If you’re someone looking to set up a self-directed IRA to purchase gold and silver, American Hartford Gold is for you.

Their top-rated customer service and impressive reviews across the board are what make them a trustworthy and established gold IRA company to rely on.

It’s a fantastic solution for investors looking to get their feet wet.

American Hartford Gold Group
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What’s Included?

Multiple things are included when you sign up for an American Hartford Gold Group account.

Let’s look at a few of the most spectacular features account owners can benefit from.

  • Silver, Gold, and Platinum

When looking to open a gold IRA, there are three primary precious metals to choose from at American Hartford Gold.

You can opt to invest in gold, silver, or platinum to keep in your IRA.

Alternatively, you can choose to purchase precious metals outside of your IRA as an added benefit.

  • Tax Incentives

Once you decide to invest your money, you’ll likely want the opportunity to use all of that money in the future.

Instead of losing thousands of dollars to taxes, there are a couple of incentives American Hartford Gold has.

For example, you can set up a tax-deferred or tax-free account to help keep your investments to yourself.

  • Eliminated Transportation Fees

Many gold IRA companies will charge you multiple fees along the purchasing process.

With American Hartford Gold, you won’t have to worry about transportation costs when buying or selling.

That said, other fees are to consider, such as storage and security fees.

Overview of Features

Here’s a detailed look at the features of the American Hartford Gold:

  • No Minimum Investment

The most notable feature of American Hartford Gold is that they do not require a minimum investment to open an account.

This feature greatly benefits first-time and experienced investors looking to create a reputable investment portfolio.

While some companies charge upwards of $50,000 for a deposit, this company requires $0.00.

  • Price-Match Guarantee

Every investor needs to consider ensuring you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck.

When working with American Hartford Gold, you have peace of mind knowing you’re getting the most competitive pricing with every transaction.

Their price-match guarantee applies to a list of IRA-eligible coins and bars, ensuring you get the best price every time.

  • Celebrity Endorsements

Most gold IRA companies advertise celebrity endorsements, which can help to sell brand honesty to prospective clients.

American Hartford Gold works alongside Bill O’Reilly, who always recommends this investment platform to family, friends, and viewers.

With celebrity backing, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re working with a reputable institution.

  • Versatile Investment Solutions

Apart from being popular for young and senior investors, American Hartford Gold is one of the most versatile gold IRA companies for multiple demographics.

You’ll find it’s popular with federal employees, military members, and veterans.

They’re also one of the top solutions for customers looking to roll over their investments from TSP accounts.

  • Trusted Storage Solutions

You’ll need to consider storage when you initially purchased gold for your IRA.

As it’s impossible to store your IRA gold at home, you need a facility that you can rely on and offers top-tier security.

American Hartford Gold works with some of the best custodial and storage services nationwide.

They partner with Equity Trust for custodial needs, while storage is typically through Brinks Global Services, Delaware Depository, or IDS.

With these three solutions, you can find the ideal IRS-approved depository to keep your investment safe and secure.

  • Worldwide Precious Metals

American Hartford Gold has multiple options, whether you’re buying gold for your IRA or separately purchasing physical metals to store.

They focus on silver coins and gold products from several reputable countries, including the United States, Canada, Austria, Australia, South Africa, and Switzerland.

  • Personalized Fees

Personalized fees can benefit account owners with limited investments in their gold IRAs.

American Hartford Gold doesn’t offer flat rate additional costs, ensuring each client pays their fair share of costs depending on their investment totals.

On the company’s site, you’ll find they state the costs will vary depending on the account size and the number of metal holdings.

There are also a few other personalized benefits you could be eligible for, such as waived storage fees.

Most likely, the more gold you hold in your IRA, the more benefits you’ll be able to unlock as an account owner.

Larger portfolio owners are known to have their storage costs covered by American Hartford Gold.

  • Customer Ratings

Before you sign up for any financial product from a company, you must first consider customer reviews.

Reviews will give you an inside look at how the company operates and what to expect from its long-term services.

Fortunately, American Hartford Gold has some of the most excellent customer service ratings.

Their Google rating is 4.9 out of 5, Trustpilot states they’re a 4.9 out of 5, and American Hartford Gold has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau.

That said, you can easily see how it’s one of the most popular gold IRA investment companies.


  • Unique price-match guarantee
  • Unparalleled customer service
  • Easy-to-follow signup process
  • Ample options for young investors and seniors


  • Lacks transparent platinum prices
  • Doesn’t provide non-U.S. shipping

How to Open an Account with American Hartford Gold

You only need to follow four steps when opening your account with American Hartford Gold.

Their easy-to-follow signup process makes them a favorite amongst inexperienced and experienced investors.

Step No. 1: Do Some Research

The first thing you’ll want to do when creating an account with precious metal dealers is to do a little bit of background research.

Aside from checking out customer reviews, it’s also important to talk to an account specialist to see the company’s offerings.

Using their professional guidance, you can better understand the type of accounts that suit your retirement planning.

You will need to call the company to speak to an account specialist, as the conversation will be secure.

Be sure to note their advice so that you can confirm the services you think are best for your investments.

Step No. 2: Get the Paperwork

Once you’ve decided on the suitable investment vehicles for your needs, it’s time to get precious metals catalogs.

These can be requested from an account specialist by calling American Hartford Gold directly.

They will mail or email the package to you and the instructions for filling it out for complete transparency.

Step No. 3: Complete and Submit the Paperwork

Fortunately, the signup process for this gold IRA company is one of the simplest.

Using the instruction manual, quickly fill out the information required to open an account.

You’ll likely need to provide plenty of personal and financial/banking information.

After you’ve completed the forms, simply mail or email them back to the company or your account specialist.

On average, it can take up to 24 hours after American Hartford Gold’s receipt of your paperwork to open your account.

Step No. 4: Fund Your Investments

As a new account owner, it’s time to begin funding your investments as you see fit.

Considering American Hartford Gold doesn’t require a minimum payment, you’ll find you can choose as little or as much money as you want to start.

Most clients find it can take up to three days to fund your account to begin buying precious metals.


Augusta Precious Metals company
Image Source

Augusta Precious Metals is one of the top alternatives if you’re interested in a different gold company.

Their comprehensive list of illustrious investment options is ideal for experienced investors and established professionals.

They’re a highly recommended alternative with celebrity endorsements from Joe Montana and a AAA Business Consumer Alliance rating.

A few other benefits to working with Augusta Precious Metals for your gold IRA include:

  • Swift account opening
  • Spectacular customer service
  • One-on-one introductory conferences
  • Trustworthy custodial and storage solutions


One reoccurring theme in this American Hartford Gold review is that they’re a fantastic investment solution at any step of your retirement plan.

Whether you’re a 30-year-old looking to start saving or a 65-year-old ready to retire, their gold IRAs are highly recommended.

With no minimum investments and multiple tax-deferred or tax-saving benefits, it’s time to open your precious metal IRA today.

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